Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Iron Man 2 Pics Online

Marvel.com put up 2 part article called Iron Man 2 Set Visit: Part One & Two. Marvel News had a chance to revisit Tony's workshop on the set where they were required to wear padded slippers to walk around. They were also lucky enough to witness two scenes being filmed for "Iron Man 2." I put some highlights below. Iron Man 2 is less than 10 months away. Movie will be released May 7, 2010.

The first scene depicted Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) looking down at a scale model of the Stark Expo, which closely resembles the New York World's Fair Pavilion. This included a Unisphere at the center of the convention. As the camera panned from the level of the model towards Tony looking inquisitive at the Stark Expo, he spoke to himself, "The key to the future is...where?"

The second scene we saw featured a much more animated Tony, as he interacted with Jarvis in his workshop. The sequence required Tony to utilize the holographic-floor as he paced around the workshop to investigate further into the main pavilion of the Stark Expo. Prior to filming the sequence, we saw Downey speak with the post-production director regarding the ideal gestures and motions to best interact with the planned projected images.

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