Thursday, June 18, 2009

Purrfect Auto Locations Raided by IRS

Federal agents came into multiple Purrfect Auto locations on Thursday. The Nevada Attorney General accused 11 Purrfect Auto franchises of a common scheme -- luring customers with low cost services and then charging for parts and repairs that are never installed or performed. "I didn't expect to see Internal Revenue show up at the door with guns on their side. Kind of weird, kind of scary," said customer Andrea Frohman.


  1. Yeah...about time!! They were always the worst in Las Vegas!!! Justice baby!!!

  2. Where is my justice! Those bastards did $3,000 worth of damage to my car....the owner is apparently god and can't be contacted, and the people I have been in contact are worthless. They sent someone to my house to "fix" my car. No license or business....this guy was calling a junk yard for a bumper...what a joke! I have to go to court! And found out today that their business license for the location I went to expires at the end of this month...NOW WHAT?