Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Revenge Blog...Spoilers! If you haven't seen it yet!

I just saw it for the 2nd time today. I saw it last night at 12am on IMAX. I sat right in the middle (best seat in the house). The crowd was great....Transfans are the best! The girl sitting next to me works with fire works in Long Beach, Ca and met the Fire Chief from the movie and was talking to me about different things that he said had happened during the filming. The guy in front of me had a huge Autobot tattoo in the middle of his chest. He was in the army and had just gotten back from Korea and kept quoting lines from FANBOYS for some reason. Everyone was talking and having a great time before the movie started and it was actually getting pretty rowdy. When the movie finally started everyone was already cheering and cracking up laughing. From a movie goer stand point I thought the movie was a funny and an enjoyable summer blockbuster. It was great to finally see Prime kick some butt and seeing Ravage, ahh that was awsome!! Though it was sad that such a huge character like Ravage was killed just like that. I thought Mr. Bay understands scale very well. For him to film all that stuff with no actual robots there and make everything fit into the shot was very impressive! I thought the twins were funny even though they were trashed by the critics during the early releases around the world. I didn't think their jokes were forced at all and I thought they flowed well with the movie. The only problem I had with them was, why were they getting so much face time? Where were all the other characters? You know....the ones from the ACTUAL cartoon! Like Cliffjumper, Trailbreaker, Wheeljack!!, Sunstreaker, Smokescreen, Brawn, Hound, Mirage, Prowl?? They were the original base autobot characters along with Sideswipe, Ratchet, and Ironhide. When they said 40 robots. I expected a few of those names!! Now we have these 2 characters who got all the face time and they are completely made up. I understand the whole, well we have to save some for future movies thing, but I'm getting tired of hearing that! And here's the real problem I have with that. If all Optimus needs is the U.S. Army, The Twins (or the hybrids as they were called in the screenplay) along with Bumble Bee doing his thing and Ratchet and Sideswipe in the background shooting over broken walls to beat big ass Devastator, the devil himself The Fallen, and a very pissed off Megatron, then where is the need to bring them in at all in future movies? Also in the screen play it said they killed one of the decepticons and used his parts to rebuild Megatron because Megatron was jacked up and only had 1 leg when he went into the ocean. But they didn't show none of that. So it just looked like Megatron came out of the ocean looking completely different then he looked in the 1st movie. Was I the only one who caught that or what?? That would have taken all but 1 minute to show. All they showed was them rip out the decepticons spark.

The other problem I had was with Soundwave. I was fine with the fact he didn't transform and come to earth, I got all that. What threw me was... when I heard Frank Welker the original voice of Soundwave was going to be voicing him. I was expecting nothing less than the original voice from the cartoon. Not Doctor Claw from Inspector Gadget!(who he also voiced in the 80's) That was the exact voice from the Inspector Gadget cartoon! "YOU'LL PAY GADGET!!" Save that for the Inspector Gadget movie maaaaaaaaann!! I think all the fans were waiting for an "~AS YOU COMMAND MEGATRON~" just like they were expecting an "AUTOBOTS LET'S ROLL OUT" from Optimus from the first movie. To me that was a HUGE blow that just made me say why would he ever do that?!?

Other problems are with Sideswipe, Arcee, Ratchet, and Ironhide. I think they had 5 lines collectively. That was horrible!! So the TRANSFORMERS movie centered more on the humans just like last time. Showing off America with all it's awesomeness and kick ass abilities with Conservative undertones like "Oh the government said they'll pay for it," along with Obama saying to shut down the nest program. I also noticed the line "There's no negotiating with them!"...sounds just like Republicans when they talk about the war on terror. Ironhide also says this fool, (meaning Obama's appointed official), doesn't know much. You have to understand Michael Bay loves the army, so much so that he once made an extra stand in the corner while filming Pearl Harbor for cracking a joke about that horrible day. Which is understandable, but watching it last night I couldn't help but think Bay was behind the camera having multiple orgasms watching the planes fly off the Navy Destroyer.

It was like the whole movie was rushed to get to the huge fight scene. Although I enjoyed the scenes with the family unlike last time. I thought they rolled and were pretty funny scenes. I thought they should have done more for Prime after he died though, some sort of burial. A ceremony, but something where he could have still been shipped to Egypt easily, it felt like no one cared at all. That's when it would have been a perfect time to have some really good Transformer dialogue. It was quickly cut off after they just dropped him down on the ground and the government dude stepped in and then Bumble Bee was just wondering where Sam was going to go next.

I thought they also did a horrible job explaining the mythology of The Primes, why they changed it up I'll never know. Didn't the original story say that there was 13 original transformer robots(not 7 aliens!!) created by Primus who was created by the gods with his twin brother Unicron. Unicron was big and bad, Primus not so much. So Primus built the 13 to help stop Unicron from destroying the galaxy but Unicron seduced the one now known as the Fallen and that made 12, like the 12 disciples, and the Fallen was the fallen angel like the devil. Unicron and The Fallen martyred the 12 and Primus went into hidding as a planet what is now known as...dun... dun dun dun dun... Cybertron. That sounds much more bad ass than 7 Primes punking The Fallen, stealing the key, and hugging till they stuck. WTF?!?

P.S. Where was Barricade?? You know the cop car that was in part 1 chasing them to mission city but never showed up!! WTF??

All in all the movie was good. Just not great and I mean no disrespect to the writers or to Mr. Bay. I'm sure the movie will be a success and Paramount will be very pleased. The IMAX release of the movie already made over $1 million topping Dark Knight's $675,000 opening, but that's were the comparisons stop, but I recommend everyone go check it out and would love to here what everyone else thought of it! BTW I have to give the award for best movie of the summer to Star Trek. Best comedy to The Hangover. And UP was very good too! Also a special shout out to Transformerslive! For the last year I have been on his site at least once a day checking the updates!! Great job man! Keep it up!

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  1. Wow! Super Transfan right here!

  2. Megan Fox was great! But I agree. I needed more Autobot face time.