Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Los Angeles Lakers Sign Ron Artest

Yup, L.A. Lakers signed Ron Artest in a restaurant in Beverly Hills last night. Lakers acquired Artest via free agency from Houston. Artest will be wearing #37. Artest said,"I was trying to figure out a number, I was talking to my wife and kids. I was on my twitter, MySpace, and Facebook and asking everybody to help me pick a number. On my MySpace, somebody named Trish T he Dish came up with the #37 and said that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" was 37 weeks at number one of all time. 23 I was going to choose, it was available, it's a great number but, I thought (with) that 37 and "Thriller", I can make that a new great number. I think more kids should start getting the #37 for a great human being, since Michael loved all people. I think I'm representing greatness in wearing #37." We shall see...

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  1. Uh Oh!! Him and Kobe are going to fight!